CAT Exam Essentials to Keep In Mind

    CAT Exam Essentials to Keep In Mind

    One of the most renowned and prestigious management exams in India is the Common Admission Test a.k.a CAT exam. This computer-based standardized exam/test is conducted once every year and students appear in it with the hope to secure admission in India’s premier management institute i.e. the Indian Institute of Management (IIM).

    The CAT Exam is primarily for admission to post-graduate management courses/programs. To make things more clear, this post attempts to give all the important details as well as certain tips to gain a significant advantage in this exam.

    Important Details to Remember 

    As this exam is conducted to carry out admission into the IIM, it’s this institution that conducts as well as oversees the CAT Exam. Whatever scores students get in this exam are valid for 1 whole year. It’s also important to know that this exam is conducted in the English language. There are other details one needs to keep in mind, which are given below: -


    2 Hours/120 Minutes


    1. Verbal and Reading Comprehension
    2. Quantitative
    3. Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning


    • +3 for every right answer
    • -1 for every wrong answer


    • Bachelor’s Degree with a minimum score of 50% (General candidates) and 45% (Reserved Candidates)
    • Final year students are also eligible
    • Students having CA/CS or ICWA can give the CAT Exam as well.

    Registrations for this exam were open from 4th August 2021 to 22nd September 2021. Therefore, students seeking to give this year’s exam need to wait for the next year in order to register. The dates for CAT 2022 haven’t been revealed as of yet.

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    The things that we do know are: -

    • Students who’ve already registered can download the CAT admit cards starting from 05:00 PM on 27th October 2021.
    • The CAT Exam is to be held on 28th November 2021.

    Tips to Crack the CAT Exam

    The CAT Exam is not your conventional exam that requires memory and rote learning. It tests your true knowledge and aptitude. Therefore, one needs to approach this exam in ways different from the ones used for other exams.

    • Don’t Underestimate Any Topic: While it’s necessary to give more focus on the sections that one’s weak in, it’s equally important that the other sections aren’t neglected. Never make the mistake of considering a section easy enough to not spend much time on it. 
    • Late Night Studies don’t Guarantee Success: The timing of one’s studies don’t determine whether nor not s/he will crack the CAT Exam. Some people may be comfortable with early morning study, while some may prefer late nights; it hardly makes a difference.
    • Coaching doesn’t Guarantee Success: The only difference coaching makes is giving direction to first-time candidates. It assists an individual in time management and study plans. Other than that, success in the CAT Exam depends on the individual’s efforts.
    • Leisure is Important: This exam doesn’t require one to cut themselves off from the world. A good preparation strategy reserves time for recreation, while not compromising on the hours given to study.
    • Keep Your Nerves in Check: This is India’s most prestigious management exam and thus, it’s bound to make one nervous. However, this needs to be kept in check as if one lets the exam get the better of himself or herself, s/he may end up screwing hard, making mistakes that one wouldn’t normally. 

    The CAT Exam isn’t an impossible beast; all it requires is meticulous planning, good preparation, and the development of the aptitude to give this exam.

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