Detailed Look at the CUET Exam 2022 Pattern and Syllabus

    Detailed Look at the CUET Exam 2022 Pattern and Syllabus

    The CUET Exam is all set to replace the “Cut off” system that currently is carried out by the public universities of India. This means that the Class XII scores of a student shall no longer be the criteria to be eligible for admission into Central Public Universities lie the DU, JNU, AMU, BHU, and others.

    A student needs to pass the CUET Exam now to ensure admission into the universities mentioned above. This “computer-based test” shall be conducted by the National Testing Agency (NTA) during the 1st Week of July. Applications for the same are currently underway till May 6th, 2022, and can be accessed by the student on the official website

    As far as the pattern and syllabus of this exam is concerned, there will a total of 3 parts in this. The syllabus will strictly follow the NCERT textbooks and will have MCQs only, which the students will have 3.5 hours (210 minutes) to complete. More on this has been elaborated below.

    CUET Exam 2022 (Part I)

    This part mainly tests the candidates on their language abilities. Thus, it’ll contain reading comprehensions, vocabulary, fill in the blanks, synonyms and antonyms, etc. It’s divided into 2 parts.

    Part 1A consists of 13 major languages out f which students have to attempt any one language paper. These options include English, Hindi, Bengali, Urdu, Punjabi, Assamese, Oriya, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Marathi, and Gujarati.

    Additionally, Part 1B includes a basket of 20 other languages out of which a student can attempt a paper if s/he wants to pursue UG degrees in any of these 20 languages. These include - 

    1.   French 
    2.   German
    3.   Italian
    4.   Spanish
    5.   Russian 
    6.   Japenese
    7.   Chinese
    8.   Sanskrit
    9.   Tibetan
    10.   Arabic
    11.   Persian
    12.   Nepali
    13.   Sindhi
    14.   Kashmiri
    15.   Konkani
    16.   Bodo
    17.   Dogri
    18.   Maithili
    19.   Santhali
    20.   Manipuri

    CUET Exam 2022 (Part II)

    This wil be more of a domain-specific paper that’ll test the candidates’ knowledge of the subjects that they have completed their schooling in. There are a total of 27 domain options available for the student, which have been mentioned below -

    1.   Accountancy/Book Keeping
    2.   Biology/Biotechnology/Biological Studies
    3.   Business Studies
    4.   Chemistry
    5.   Computer Science/Informatics Practices 
    6.   Economics/Business Economics
    7.   Engineering Graphics
    8.   Entrepreneurship
    9.   Geography
    10.   History
    11.   Home Science
    12.   Knowledge Tradition-Practices India
    13.   Legal Studies
    14.   Commercial Arts
    15.   Mathematics
    16.   Physical Education/NCC
    17.   Physics
    18.   Political Science
    19.   Psychology 
    20.   Sociology
    21.   Teaching Aptitude 
    22.   Agriculture
    23.   Mass Media/Mass Communication
    24.   Anthropology 
    25.   Fine Arts/Visual Arts
    26.   Performing Arts
    27.   Sanskrit

    According to sources, students can choose a minimum of one and a maximum of 6 domains to appear in. However, the minimum number of domains may vary from university-to-university. It’s been reported that ones like the Delhi University may require a candidate to appear for at least 3 domains.

    More will be known on this, once the universities come out with their admission criteria.

    CUET Exam 2022 (Part III)

    This will be more of a “General Test” for the candidates. This is evident from the fact that it shall test them on aspects like current affaires and general knowledge, numerical ability and quantitative reasoning, logical and analytical reasoning.

    Quantitative questions shall basically cover simple and basic mathematical concepts and their practical applications like Algebra, Geometry, Mensuration, and other concepts taught till Class VIII.

    Are All the Above Parts Comulsory?

    What will be considered in the final CUET Exam 2022 result of the candidates strictly depends upon the concerned university’s policy and the programme the candidte has applied for. A university might only require for a candidate to appear for the language and domain-specific test, and NOT the General Test.

    In case of ssome programmes and universities, the language test may not just be a Pass or Fail one but a test whose marks will be counted in the final result.

    It ultimately depends on which programme the candidate chooses, which shall determine which of the 3 parts mentioned above are important for the CUET and which are not.

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