Institute of Integrated Learning in Management

    Institute of Integrated Learning in Management

    Established in the year 1993 (under the backing of Ram Krishan & Sons Charitable Trust.), IILM is a big name in training future management professionals. For more than 28 years, this institution has developed an expertise in offering holistic and enriching services to all those who enroll here.

    Having state-of-the-art facilities and an equally impressive curriculum and pedagogy, IILM facilitates quality national as well as global linkages. This only enlarges the scope of students and only adds to their knowledge and skill set.

    Since its establishment, the focus of the university has been to focus on aspects like Student Outreach and Engagement, Global Linkages and Interface, Research Training and Consultancy, Upgradation of Technology, Curriculum, and Pedagogy, among others.

    Highlights of the IILM


    Insitute of Integrated Learning in Management (IILM)


    IILM University, Plot No. 69-71,

    Golf Course Road, Sector 53

    Gurugram – 122003




    1. BBA
    2. MBA 
    3. MBA (HR)
    4. MBA (FinTech)
    5. MBA (Business Analytics)
    6. MBA (Marketing and Innovation)
    7. MBA (Entrepreneurship)





    IILM Advantages

    The list of perks of studying in IILM is endless. However, mentioned below are some of the top advantages that this university offers.

    • Globally Benchmarked Curriculum with Blended Learning: IILM goes beyond traditional forms of learning to include blended and experiential learning and practical training. Students also get continuous feedback from the Academic and Career Advisors are aimed at enhancing leadership styles by developing managerial skills of students. 

    Course modules of this university are inspired by Stanford Graduate School of Business, Wharton Business School, and IIM-A.

      1. 12000+ Well Placed Alumni: Such a huge number of successful alumni across India and the world is reflective of the quality of education offered at IILM. Currently, enrolled students can attend the talks, workshops, seminars, and conferences given by them. These “Alumni Mentors” provide them with first-hand knowledge and experienced advice along with a platform for networking
      2. Full-Time Faculty with Rich Industry Experience: IILM boasts of faculty that are passouts from leading institutions across the country and have diverse industry experience. Students can approach them anytime in case of queries doubts.
      3. International Connect: IILM offers an optional three-week Global Study in Germany, Canada, Finland, France, or Spain. This way, students are acquainted with the pedagogy, industry, and diverse cultures abroad and expand their worldview. 

    Students also undertake International Treks where they explore the economic, political, and cultural contexts of business in different regions of the world.

    Additionally, there are study abroad exchange programs, through which, students can complete a semester abroad and still earn credits.

    1. Accreditations: IILM has been recognized by several prestigious organizations like the NBA, AIU, and SAQS.

    Details of Courses


    This 3-year full-time program is hands down the most sought-after business management course. This is the first step towards imbuing students with the necessary skill set that would enhance their employability as well as social and interpersonal skills.

    As part of this course, students have the option to choose between 2 specialization areas; BBA in Entrepreneurship and BBA in International Management. After making this choice, they are trained in a number of useful disciplines like - 

    1. Positive Psychology
    2. Design Fundamentals
    3. Business Law
    4. Art appreciation
    5. Material Manipulation
    6. Digital Storytelling
    7. Media Psychology, and others

    Apart from that, students also receive training in a variety of other life skills like Emotional Intelligence, Analysis and Decision-Making, and much more. This ensures the all-round development of all those who’ve enrolled i.e. knowledge with professional competence and holistic personality.

    IILM adopts a number of pedagogical techniques like -

    1. Company Visits
    2. Business Simulations
    3. Guest talks, seminars, and conferences
    4. Research-based projects
    5. Workshops
    6. Experiential/Blended Learning 
    7. Summer Internships (6-8 weeks with NGOs and organizations like JK marbles, Bajaj Allianz, KPMG, Bharti Airtel, Sapio Analytics, and a lot more)

    Through this course, students will be able to gain a better understanding of how an organization works, including their management structures and issues. They will also be able to gauge better the business environment and economy in the global/international context.

    Overall, students will be trained to develop a global political, legal, and cultural worldview, which would encourage them to create new ideas and innovate in the business environment.


    Being one of the most sought-after courses in the university, IILM ensures that the curriculum and pedagogy are up to the mark. This is why the MBA program of this university is designed in such a way that it inculcates skills like analysis and decision-making, as well as, technical and interpersonal skills.

    The focus is on ensuring adequate foundational as well as advanced knowledge in all the basic concepts. There are a total of six 3-month long semesters, which offer a curriculum that Stanford Graduate School of Business, Wharton Business School, and the IIM-A.

    Some of the disciplines that are covered under this course include -

    1. Marketing
    2. Operations
    3. HR management
    4. Accounting
    5. Micro and Macro Economics
    6. Data Analysis
    7. Emotional Intelligence
    8. Critical Thinking
    9. Time Management
    10. Communication and Analysis, and a lot more

    Students can also choose from a variety of Electives like Accounting, Finance, Marketing, General Management, Organizational Behavior, Innovation & Strategy, Economics, International Business, and Public Policy, Operations, and Technology.

    IILM takes every possible step to make sure that the learning experience of students is as enriching and interesting as possible, while upholding quality. Thus, it employs a number of techniques like -

    • Simulations
    • Contemporary Readings from Mc-Kinsey, BCG, and Stanford. 
    • International Trek Program.
    • Global Study Program
    • Peer learning
    • Mentoring by ex-Alumni 
    • Career Development Programme
    • Personal Leadership Programme (PLP)
    • Internships and Live Projects

    Finally, all the above is accompanied by Experiential Learning that includes aspects like Field visits, Entrepreneur Meets, Group Activities, Guest Lectures by Industry experts, Conferences & Seminars.

    MBA (HR)

    This course is meant for those who seek to develop expertise as well as make a career in Human Resource Management. By offering core and advanced knowledge in this field, students are imbued with the necessary skills pertaining to HR and technological integrations.

    What makes IILM one of the top B-Schools in India is the fact that it has designed the curriculum and pedagogy in such a way that students have the opportunity to constantly upskill and reskill themselves. The institution has based it on the ever-evolving and changing business environment. Some of the electives offered under this course include - 

    1. Talent Acquisition
    2. Learning and Development
    3. Employee Relations and Regulatory framework for HR
    4. Performance Management and Appraisal
    5. Total Rewards Management
    6. People Analytics & Digital HR
    7. Organizational Change and Development
    8. Negotiation
    9. Competency Mapping and Career Development
    10. Coaching, Counselling & Mentoring
    11. Strategic HRM
    12. Talent Management Strategy and Employee Engagement
    13. International HRM and Cross-cultural Management
    14. Diversity and Inclusion

    Once they complete the MBA (HR) course here, students will not just learn all the foundational and advanced skills but will also be able to deal with and adjust to diversity, uncertainty, and complexity. What the latter means is that they’ll be able to be more sympathetic and empathetic towards people.

    As the course is adjusted to changing trends, passouts will be able to work according to the latest trends, innovations, and developments. They’ll also be able to deal better with a millennial workforce and organize work according to expectations.

    All in all, this course shall lead to efficiently functioning HR professionals. 

    MBA (Entrepreneurship)

    This course is apt for those who seek to establish a start-up or join their family business or even want to be an Entrepreneurial Manager. This is the reason why students will mainly be taught to make decisions, while realizing the impact of said decisions on stakeholders like Employees, Investors, Channel Partners, and even on theSociety and Government.

    The various courses on offer in this university include - 

    1. Design Thinking and Business Creativity 
    2. Family Business Management 
    3. New Venture Creation
    4. Social Entrepreneurship
    5. Launch Lab
    6. Product & Pricing 
    7. Marketing Practices in Digital World
    8. Law & Management
    9. Crowd Funding and other Applications in Entrepreneurial Finance
    10. Human Capital in Start-ups
    11. Entrepreneurs’ Journey
    12. Entrepreneurial and sustainable innovation Marketing
    13. Collaborating & Negotiating for Success
    14. New Venture Creation

    This course will systematically train the students for every step of a start-up/business, which includes designing a business model, lean testing, as well as, channel and customer testing.

    Along with the above skills, students are also equipped with other necessary skills like Assessment and Experimentation along with understanding the process of fund-raising.

    MBA (Financial Technology)

    For those interested in finance, an MBA (Financial Technology) is the best option as here, students get to train in perfecting the cutting-edge financial technology, as well as, effectively use it in the Banking and Finance fields.

    This is ensured through the IILM curriculum that trains students in aspects like the future of money, markets and transactions, mental tools and frameworks that are important to help them predict and leverage FinTech trends.

    This course makes sure that it covers all the important aspects like Accounting, Currency, Payments, Venture Capital, Lending, Insurance, and Wealth Management. Moreover, it shall also focus on technological innovations in this field. Thus, concepts like cryptocurrency, blockchain, peer-to-peer, mobile payment systems, equity crowdfunding, and other AI and ML-related concepts of FinTech are covered as well.

    The various electives under this course include - 

    1. Banking & Risk Management
    2. Financial Markets & Services
    3. FinTech
    4. Digital Innovation & Transformation
    5. Investment Analysis 
    6. Portfolio Management
    7. Financial Modeling
    8. Corporate Restructuring & Business Valuation
    9. Design Thinking & Business Creativity 
    10. Data Analysis Tools and Techniques 
    11. Big Data Analytics
    12. Crowdfunding and Entrepreneurial Finance Applications 
    13. Cybersecurity and Data Protection Laws
    14. AI and ML
    15. Sustainable Finance and FinTech

    IILM has designed this program in such a way that students develop abilities to identify disruption in the financial services sector and enables them to both launch new FinTech ventures. All this, while harnessing new and emerging technologies to build better financial services.

    MBA (Business Analytics)

    If it’s top-notch managerial skills that one seeks, an MBA (Business Analytics) is the right course. As part of this, students get to learn to effectively use data on customers, products, as well as, the interactions between them, to make long-lasting managerial decisions.

    This course is the most well-designed one to meet the business requirements digitally. This will create digital-savvy professionals whose decisions take into account the data analytics and IoT.

    The various courses available under this program include - 

    • Big Data Technology (including Hadoop)
    • Introduction to Python
    • Advanced Python and Data Science
    • Time Series Modelling and Forecasting
    • Artificial Intelligence pertaining to Business Strategy
    • Data Visualization and Business Intelligence
    • Advanced Predictive and Stochastic Analysis
    • Financial Analytics
    • Supply Chain and Logistics Analytics
    • HR Analytics
    • Marketing and Social Media (w/ Web Analytics)
    • CRM/Consumer Analytics

    After this program, students enhance their skills pertaining to thinking and observing, as well as, of critically analyzing and assessing data. They will also beagle to effectively apply this knowledge to deal with people and businesses during negotiations, transactions, and data generation.

    MBA (Marketing and Innovation)

    IILM has designed this course in consultation with some of the most experienced and renowned academicians as well as industry experts. The MBA (Marketing and Innovation) seeks to skill the students in making the necessary innovations in pricing, packaging, and product placement (including promotions). All of this is to ultimately enhance the customer experience.

    The various electives offered by this program include -

    1. Brand Management
    2. Pricing Strategy
    3. Advertising and Sales
    4. Consumer Behavior 
    5. International Marketing
    6. Digital Marketing Practices
    7. Marketing with Sustainability 
    8. Marketing Analytics w.r.t. Customer Centricity 
    9. Omnichannel Retail
    10. Design Thinking and Business Creativity
    11. Sales and Distribution
    12. Customer Value Management 
    13. Product Management 
    14. Rural Marketing

    At the end of this course, students will perfect the ability to identify the right markets and opportunities (with their strengths and weaknesses) as well as innovate accordingly. They’ll be adept in harnessing innovative tech-driven solutions to launch new marketing platforms in a variety of fields like Banking, FMCG, Health & Pharma, and e-Commerce among others.

    Fee Structures

    The different fee amounts are mainly for Bachelor’s and Master’s courses in the IILM. The amounts for all the MBA courses are the same across all disciplines.

    Fee Structure for BBA

    Course Fee

    INR 4,00,000

    INR 4,00,000

    INR 4,00,000

    Programme Fee

    INR 30,000

    INR 30,000

    INR 30,000

    Lodging and Boarding fees(10 months per year)

    INR 1,20,000

    INR 1,20,000

    INR 1,20,000

    Fee Structure for MBA

    Payment Dates

    With Hostel

    Without Hostel

    During Admission

    INR 90,000

    INR 90,000

    2nd June 2022

    INR 300,000

    INR 300,000

    1st October 2022,

    INR 138,000

    INR 170,000

    15th January 2023

    INR 138,000

    INR 170,000

    2nd June 2023

    INR 138,000

    INR 170,000

    1st September 2023

    INR 138,000

    INR 170,000

    15th December 2023

    INR 138,000

    INR 170,000


    INR 10,80,000

    INR 12,40,000

    The above-mentioned amounts are uniform across the IILM branches of Gurugram, Knowledge Park (Greater Noida), and Lodhi Road (New Delhi).


    The eligibility criteria are different for the Bachelor’s and Master’s courses offered in IILM. There’s also the option for Migration/Lateral entry. Students can get a good idea regarding the same through the data below.


    To be eligible for the Bachelor’s courses in IILM, students need to pass their 10+2 exams with a minimum score of 50%, in any discipline


    To be eligible for the Master’s courses in IILM, students need to have a Bachelor’s degree in any discipline.

    Additionally, they need to score at least 50% in any of the management entrance exams like CAT//MAT/XAT/CMAT/GMAT/ATMA/NMAT.

    Lateral Entry/Migration

    Under this scheme, a student can migrate from a different university in India or abroad with a partially completed program and can complete the remaining program at IILM. This will be regulated under the following conditions - 

    1. The candidate should have passed the courses of the previous semester in the University from where he/she is migrating.
    2. The courses not covered in the semester/s or courses not passed in the previous institution, which are part of the credit consideration for the year need to be additionally covered by the student. This can be done through the various suggested options by IILM (as per the University Progression Policy).
    3. The candidate needs to pass all those courses which are NOT mapped, whenever they will be offered by IILM.
    4. The student needs to submit a NOC as well, from the institute/university where s/he is presently studying and wants to migrate from.

    However, it’s important to remember that Migration can only be possible and accepted, subject to seat availability.

    Admission Process

    First and foremost, students will have to duly fill and submit an online application form. This process also involves attaching copies of important personal and academic documents.

    After this applicants with good academic achievement, exceptional extracurricular activities performance, and an SOP (statement of purpose) will be invited for the IILM Personal Interview. Applicants will basically be judged on - 

    • Academic Record
    • Level of participation/involvement in ECAs
    • Personal Interview performance
    • Critical thinking Skills

    Based on the above, the final communication will be made to the shortlisted candidates about their admission.

    At least 25% of the seats will be reserved for students having domicile in Haryana. 10% of seats out of these will be reserved for SC students of the State of Haryana, as per Section 35(3) of the Haryana Private University Act (2006).

    (Not applicable in the Lodhi Road, Delhi and Knowledge Park, Greater Noida branches)

    Documents Required

    1. Certificates and marksheets of the candidates’ 10+2 results.
    2. Scorecard and Admit Card of any of the management entrance exams CAT//MAT/XAT/CMAT/GMAT/ATMA/NMAT.
    3. Graduation Marksheet and Certificate
    4. ID Proof (Aadhaar/Voter ID/PAN Card/Driving License)
    5. Passport Size Photograph(s)
    6. Birth Certificate (if demanded)

    IILM Cutoffs

    The cutoff numbers presented below consist of all those Management entrance exams that are valid for being eligible for admission to IILM (Gurigram, Delhi, or Greater Noida). Passing any one of them is enough.

    These numbers however are the expected result and the actual ones shall be updated once those are out.



    CAT Exam


    XAT Exam

    90-93 (For Males) 

    87-90 (For Females).

    MAT Exam 

    75 to 85 Percentile (expected)

    CMAT Exam 


    ATMA Exam 


    GMAT Exam 

    Around 500 marks 

    NMAT Exam

    Around 250 marks 

    IILM Ranking and Reputation

    The IILM has earned its fair share of accolades over the years. Some of the top organizations that have recognized and accredited this university include -

    1. South Asian Quality Assurance System (SAQS)
    2. National Board of Accreditation (NBA)
    3. Association of Indian Universities (AIU)

    IILM has also consistently been among the Top 10 B-schools all over India since 2015.


    IILM ensures the most handsomely paying and top-notch placements for the students. For this purpose, they are trained in and equipped with a variety of skills like etiquette, networking, team building, leadership, and communication. 

    Additionally, they are also made to indulge in ECAs, conferences, fairs, and other campus events to ensure the all-around development of the students. This is what makes a potential recruit from IILM, a notch above the others.

    The top recruiters that regularly visit this institute include - 

    1. Barclays
    2. TATA Power 
    3. Deloitte
    4. ICICI Bank
    5. Decathlon
    6. Shalimar Paints
    7. HDFC Bank
    8. PayTM
    9. Kotak Mahindra Bank
    10. Dentsu
    11. L’Oreal
    12. EY
    13. Reckitt
    14. Dyson
    15. Jones Lang LaSalle
    16. XL Dynamics
    17. KPMG
    18. Mondelez 
    19. Info Edge
    20. Wipro, and many others

    Campus Life

    Learning in IILM goes beyond the curriculum and in-class lectures. This involves training in a number of soft skills like teamwork, interactions, networking, and communication. 

    Students also have the opportunity to engage in a variety of clubs and organizations. By participating in the same, they tend to learn and develop a number of skills like management and leadership skills, as well as get to explore interests and build networks. 

    IILM also regularly holds conferences, monthly events, annual festivals, TEDx talks, inter-campus debates, and in-house publications for the students. Through these activities, they tend to expand their horizons and basically undergo all-around development.

    IILM offers top-notch residential facilities on and off the campus. There are separate hostels available for boys and girls. These hostels consist of spacious and well-furnished rooms and are equipped with various essential facilities like -

    • Air-Conditioning
    • Wi-Fi Facility
    • Ro Water Purifier
    • Water Cooler 
    • 24x7 Electricity 
    • Basic bedding and utensils

    There is also the provision for indoor as well as outdoor games for residents of the hostel. Students can access these facilities any time of the day as well as use the state-of-the-art gymnasium. In addition to that, the residential accommodations also have a Lounge, a Game Room, a Study Room, Yoga Centre, Music Room, Dance Centre, Craft Centre, Art Centre, and a Services Area.

    There is also a fully furnished common room that is equipped with an LCD TV. Additionally, there is also a residence dining facility that offers fresh & nutritious food to the students through carefully planned breakfast, lunch and dinner menus. Moreover, there is also a tuck shop is also housed in the institute’s cafeteria which is open from morning till night.


    Yes! Students pursuing MBA are eligible for scholarships worth - 10% (girl students, scoring > 60% in B.Tech/B.E, for exceptional abilities in Sports, Culture and Bravery, students of J&K and Northeast, and Defense personnel families) 40% (for > in Class XII, min 700 MAT score, and > 65% in BA/BSc/BCom/BCA and > 70% for Btech/BE) 40% for those scoring 80 percentile and above in CAT 10% for those scoring 70-79 percentile in CAT
    This university offers global connect and exchange programs with Boston University, New York University Stern, the University of Berkeley in the USA, and the London School of Economics.
    No matter which business management course one goes for, the teacher-student ratio will always be around 1:10.
    Students can apply for an educational loan via the HDFC & Kotak Mahindra Banks on a priority basis if they fulfill their terms and documentation requirements.
    As this page concerns the Gurugram branch, the nearest metro station to this particular branch is Sector 54 Gurugram (accessible via Rapid Metro). The Greater Noida branch is close to the Knowledge Park Metro Station II and the New Delhi branch is the JLN Stadium Metro Station.
    Yes! This university has accreditations, recognitions, and approvals from the NBA, AIU, SAQS, AICTE, and ARIIA.
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