MBBS Update: Family Adoption Programme Likely in New Curriculum

    MBBS Update: Family Adoption Programme Likely in New Curriculum

    The National Medical Commission (NMC) is planning to introduce a Family Adoption Programme (FAP) in its MBBS training Curriculum . This will be more of a “Village Adoption Programme” which is a step in the direction of making healthcare services more accessible in the rural areas of the country.

    Currently, there are no concrete plans as far as the particulars of this course/programme is concerned. However, some of the basic pointers that were agreed upon, primarily in a study report by Dr. Aruna Vanikar (UG Medical Education Board chief) and UGMED member Dr. Vijender Kumar, have been mentioned below: -

    • Each student will probably be assigned 5-7 families, which is considered ideal.
    • The student is required to give health-related advice to all these members.
    • An Assistant Professor would guide and supervise the students. There’ll be 1 AP for each 25-members.
    • Additionally, there’ll be an ASHA worker assisting them.
    • Visits have to be made “once every 2 weeks”
    • Though they can opt for Telemedicine from the 2nd year, the number of physical visits in the 1st year needs to be a minimum of 10. Even in the former case, students need to physically visit “once every 3 months.”

    The plan also states that all the time spent in the villages will be counted as “Work Hours”. The main purpose of this decision is to ensure that students get the necessary exposure and public interaction from the start of their UG. 

    On the other hand, this shall also make medical services more accessible for rural India and bring district hospitals into the fold to train students in the requisite practical skills.

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