NEET PG 2022: Committee Submits Report; NEET PG Counselling to Begin?

    NEET PG 2022: Committee Submits Report; NEET PG Counselling to Begin?

    Big Updates on the NEET PG Counselling/Admission Process!

    The Centre has recently filed an affidavit stating their side of the case on the NEET PG Counselling row. This affidavit mainly states that the Centre has agreed to listen to the recommendations of a 3-Member Panel/Expert Committee constituted by the government, which calls for the acceptance of the “Gross Annual Limit” of Rs. 8 lakh for the determination of candidates eligible for the EWS criteria.

    What this means is that currently, candidates from only those families that have an annual income of Rs. 8 lakh/annum can avail the benefits available in the NEET PG admission process. 

    However, the Centre also hinted in the affidavit that this criteria is liable to changes from the next year.

    Events Leading Up To This

    The last few months have been particularly tumultuous for the NEET UG and PG candidates as well as the medical fraternity as a whole. Things even got out of hand a few days back when the police led a brutal crackdown on the resident doctors; a move questionable from all fronts!

    It all started when a bunch of petitions were filed in the Supreme Court challenging the July 29th, 2022 notification of the Centre and the Medical Counselling Committee (MCC). This notification claimed a reservation of 10% for the Economically Weaker Sections (EWS), who are those whose gross family income is Rs. 8 Lakh/annum.

    The original plan for the NEET PG counselling was as follows: -

    1. 1- October 26th, 2022 = Choice Filling and Locking Window
    2. 2- October 29th, 2022 = Window was to Close
    3. 3- October 30th, 2022 = Verification
    4. 4- November 3rd, 2022 = NEET PG Seat Allotment and Result 
    5. 5- November 4th-10th, 2022 = Candidates to Report at Institutes for Admission

    However, all the above plans were put on hold when the Union Government on October 25th, 2022 assured the Supreme Court that unless a final judgement wasn’t given on the OBS and EWS quota for NEET PG was given by the latter

    Before this on October 7th, 2022, the Supreme Court forced the Centre to reconsider the income criteria. The Centre was asked to reconsider whether or not the income criteria is genuine, given the different standards of living and costs in different states.

    What’s Next?

    The NEET PG Counselling Reservation Case is set for hearing before the Supreme Court on January 6th, 2022, where the petitions filed before shall be heard. Though there’s a huge possibility that the pending NEET UG and PG counselling will start following the hearing, there’s still no guarantee.

    However, if the court accepts the point of view of the Supreme Court, the NEET UG and PG Counselling will definitely resume. There’s also the possibility of expediting the process.

    We shall keep you updated on every major development. Keep following us on for anything and everything related to the Education Sector.

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