Shivani School of Business Management - [SSBM], Tiruchirappalli

    Shivani School of Business Management - [SSBM], Tiruchirappalli

    The mission of Shivani School of Business Management, located in Trichy, Tamil Nadu, is to cultivate bright minds into the best professionals and citizens. It uses education to try and change society for the better. It seeks to level the playing field for students from all socioeconomic backgrounds. Their goal is to prepare their students to become leaders and change makers in India. Its goal is to be a centre of excellence that embraces the newest trends and technology. The goal of the Chancellor's initiatives is to develop student talent and encourage entrepreneurship so that they can compete globally.

    Facts and Figures of Shivani School of Business Management, Trichy, Tamil Nadu

    Affiliated to

    Anna University

    How to reach

     91.Navalurkuttapattu, 620 009, Navalurkottapattu

    Why to Join Shivani School of Business Management, Trichy, Tamil Nadu?

    Skilled leader: Dr. P. Selvaraj, Secretary of the Consortium of Self-financing Engineering Colleges in Tamilnadu, is in charge of the group. He is regarded as one of Tamil Nadu's most illustrious figures among the elite. He has been the main impetus behind the swift expansion of numerous Tamil Nadu institutions. He is a great philosopher, guide and mentor hence a takes his team a long way in projects associated with students. Additionally, he actively advocates for funding for education among the impoverished living in rural areas. The doctorate was given to him by Florida University in the United States.

    Facilities: The college has a very conducive and comforting environment for having a learning experience. It also has an active placement cell that is clearly defined. It employs cutting edge management strategies. Its faculty members are highly skilled and knowledgeable, with global experience.


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