Shri MD Shah Mahila College Of Arts & Commerce, Mumbai

    Shri MD Shah Mahila College Of Arts & Commerce, Mumbai

    One of the most well-known colleges in the western Mumbai suburbs, Shri MD Shah Mahila College of Arts and Commerce offers educational opportunities to a sizable number of female students.

    It is recognised as one of the A-rated colleges in the nation by NAAC and affiliated with the SNDT Women's University. Due to its proximity to the Malad railway station, the college's B.J. Patel Road location is very accessible.

    Along with a number of courses in the Arts and Commerce streams, it also offers a wide range of professional courses, including BCA, BMM, BAFI, interior design certification courses, BMS, fashion design certification courses, and others.

    There is the possibility of earning graduate degrees in subjects like economics, Hindi, history, and M.Com. in marketing, taxation, and accounting.

    All courses offer admission based on performance on the most recent qualifying exam.

    Shri MD Shah Mahila College of Arts & Commerce, Mumbai Highlights:



    Gender accepted




    Approved by

    Shreemati Nathibai Damodar Thackersey Women's University

    Courses offered

    B.A., M.A.,,, B.Com. AFI and B.Com. AF, BMS, BMM, B.C.A. etc. total 16 courses


    Library, computer assisted teaching, events, skill development.

    Official website

    Shri MD SMCAC Mumbai Courses:

    The college offers a variety of courses, including B.A., M.A. Hindi, Economics, History, B.Com, M.Com (Marketing), B.Com. AFI and B.Com. AF, BMS, BMM, and B.C.A. Four different languages are used to teach the various streams in the colleges. As a result, students who speak different vernacular languages can easily study the subject of their choice. English medium, Gujrati medium, Marathi medium, and Hindi medium are the four different vernacular tongues.




    Duration: 3 years
    Eligibility: H.S. or equivalent examination with English as compulsory subject
    Specializations: Sociology, psychology, English, economics, history, English, Gujrati, Marathi


    Duration: 3 years
    Eligibility: H.S. or equivalent examination or entrance test, or Pre-university or first year commerce of statutory university or equivalent board or university
    Specializations: Accountancy

    Shri MD SMCAC Mumbai Admissions:

    The SNDT Women's University's admission policies and qualifications govern admission to this college. English must have been a required subject in the HSC or an equivalent exam for candidates to be admitted to the B.A., B.Com, B.A.F.I, B.M.S., B.M.M., and B.C.A. programmes. The most significant aspect is that SNDT Women's University had to issue an eligibility certificate to students from the other state in order to confirm their admission. At the HSC level, each student must receive a minimum of 40% in the S.T./S.T. category and 45% in the general cast.

    How to Apply? 

    • On the college website's home page, you can find the admission icon for the most recent year. Candidates will need to click on the college website's icon.
    • Candidates must enter their phone number and email address in the registration window that appears.
    • After logging in, a PDF of the guidelines will appear right away. For documents and essential information, just read it.
    • To register as an applicant, click the enrolment link, and then log in to the application portal.
    • To fill out the form, select the "continue" tab.
    • Prior to clicking the "save and next" tab, complete all the required fields and upload any necessary documents.
    • Before clicking "confirm," accept the terms and conditions and make sure the form is filled out correctly. After the form has been submitted, no changes can be made.
    • To finish the application process, print out the form.
    • If the application is approved and chosen, the college will send an SMS with information about the payment schedule.

    Shri MD SMCAC Mumbai Placement:

    The placement committee members and college faculty are very aware of the future of the girl students, especially those who will graduate from the college. Nearly 20 companies visit all of SNDT University's colleges for campus placement.

    Simply sign up for the efficient placement portal, "Wings to Future," which serves as a conduit between college students and the business world, for students or alumni of the college. In order to help students develop their career paths, employers offer them summer internships in addition to jobs.

    Shri MD SMCAC Mumbai Facilities:

    The libraries and computer-assisted instruction are two college amenities that are easily accessible. There are some yearly events and programmes to keep them renewed, revitalised, and extra active. Programs that help develop their skills, like those that teach cooking and river rafting, help them shape up for the future.

    The college's family counselling centre assists students in making the best decision regarding their academic, professional, and other courses. This guidance enables the students to select a course that suits their preferences, interests, requirements, passions, and aspirations.

    The following list includes a few key psychological topics that are the focus of the guest sessions.

    • Lectures on suicide prevention.
    • Lectures on becoming a public speaker
    • Shared thoughts on yoga
    • Sessions on power of thoughts
    • Sessions to make the, aware about the
    • Lectures on cyber security and cybercrime.


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